Alachua County, FL, Comprehensive Plan 2011-2030

Updated September 2017


Table of Contents

Built Environment and Health

This county’s comprehensive plan includes a Community Health Element that seeks to improve health care delivery, livability, and active living. The chapter includes definitions of complete streets, health needs assessment, universal design, visitability, and walkability audits. It points towards the Energy Element and Future Land Use Element for additional food systems policies related to health.

Capital Improvements Programming

This county’s comprehensive plan includes a capital improvements element. This element includes goals, objectives, and policies for capital improvements planning and itemizes planned capital projects.

Comprehensive Planning

This county's comprehensive plan demonstrates comprehensive planning for a rapidly growing suburban/rural county. It won the APA Florida Excellence Award for a Comprehensive Plan (Large) in 2011. It does not include an implementation program, but plan policies are especially specific in terms of implementation responsibilities. It also includes elements not required under Florida's state planning statutes, such as Community Health, Public School Facilities, and Energy.

Food Systems

This county's comprehensive plan addresses food and agricultural issues in several of its elements. The Future Land Use Element, in a section of Rural and Agricultural policies, addresses promoting and supporting the sale of locally produced agricultural goods and development of a sustainable local food system (Policy 6.1.4). Economic Diversity and Sustainability policies in the Economic Element (p. 376) address encouraging sustainable food production, processing businesses and creating new markets for local food products (Policy 1.1.6).  The Community Health Element (p. 408) promotes access to healthy, affordable, and nutritious food and the development of a community food system through several policies (Policies 1.3.1 and 1.3.2).  The Energy Element (p. 414) includes a section on Local Food Production and Processing that promotes and supports local food production and processing within the county's local foodshed (Objectives 6.1–6.4).

Solar Energy

The county's comprehensive plan addresses solar development it is Housing and Energy Elements.

The Housing Element includes a policy to encourage collaboration with bankers, builders, and other stakeholders to promote passive solar design and solar energy systems for affordable housing development (Policy 2.2.5).

The Energy Element includes policies that encourage passive solar design for residential subdivisions (Policy 2.1.1), pursuing funding for solar power plants (Policy 5.2.3), providing incentives for rooftop solar energy systems (Policy 7.2.1), providing incentives for shared renewable energy systems on open space in cluster subdivisions (Policy 7.2.2), and partnering with utilities and other stakeholders to provide public education about solar energy opportunities (Policy 9.1.4).

Alachua, FL

2010 Population: 247,336

2010 Population Density: 282.66/square mile