Capitol Region Council of Governments, Sustainable Land Use Code Project Model Regulations: Alternative Energy

Hartford, CT

Solar Energy

This model ordinance created for the Capitol Region Council of Governments identifies solar hot water systems, as well as solar PV systems in some locations, as an alternative energy source with great potential for Connecticut (p. 1). The model ordinance includes a section on solar collection systems. It defines "small" systems as roof-mounted systems of up to 10 kW capacity (Sec. 1.2.1), permits them as accessory uses in all zoning districts subject to setback, location, and height standards, and establishes solar access protections for lots in new subdivisions (Sec. 1.2.2). The model ordinance defines "solar arrays" as ground-mounted systems that may be principal uses and deliver power off-site (Sec. 1.3.1), provides standards for accessory arrays in residential and nonresidential districts as well as primary use arrays, including size limitations, and requires system owners to negotiate with adjacent landowners for solar access protections (Sec. 1.3.2). Finally, the model ordinance addresses solar lots and structures, establishing solar orientation requirements for lots in all new residential subdivisions, though subdivisions with fewer than 10 lots may meet requirements to the extent practicable (Sec. 1.4.1). The code defines "solar-oriented lot" and provides standards for solar orientation of lots, houses, streets, and site features (Sec. 1.4.2). The model code also provides a "scale-up option" of model provisions to require solar-ready homes featuring solar hot water heaters and solar electric systems or the capacity to add both types of systems in the future (Sec. 1.4.2).

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Solar Practice: Supports Accessory Solar Energy Use
Supports Primary Solar Energy Use
Supports Solar Access Protections
Supports Solar Siting
Supports Solar-Ready Homes
Region: New England
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