Capitol Region Council of Governments, Sustainable Land Use Code Project Model Regulations: Solar Access

Hartford, CT

Solar Energy

This model ordinance from the Capitol Region Council of Governments offers solar access protections that do not cause undue hardship for adjacent property owners (p. 1). The model ordinance provisions define a number of solar-related terms (Sec. 1.1.2) and establish a solar access special permit (Sec. 1.1.3) that solar energy systems owners may apply for in designated zoning districts (Sec. 1.1.4). The code describes the application and review process (Sec. 1.1.5), establishes limitations on solar rights that defines what may and may not be granted protection (Sec. 1.1.6), and addresses lapses and prior existing uses (Secs. 1.1.7, 1.1.8). The model ordinance also offers a "scale up" option that establishes a solar-fence-based system of automatic solar access protections applicable in designated solar access areas (p. 7).

Format: Knowledgebase Resource
Jurisdiction: County
Topic: Energy
Solar Practice: Supports Solar Access Protections
Type of Place: US Region
Region: New England
Taxonomy Master Topics: Solar Energy Policy
Tool Type: Model Development Regulations or Plan Policy Statements