Dunwoody, GA, Code of Ordinances

Updated October 2020

By: City of Dunwoody


Table of Contents

Active Transportation

The city’s zoning code includes on-site pedestrian circulation standards for all new development  (§27-209).  In addition to connections to the existing network and abutting properties, the code includes specific standards for lighting placement and safety measures such as bollards and raised crossings. The standards are illustrated on a sample site plan.

solar energy

The city's zoning code permits accessory building- and ground-mounted solar energy systems by right, subject to standards addressing placement and compliance with building and electrical code compliance (§27-173)

Building-mounted solar energy systems have a limited exemption from building height (§27-577), setback (§27-576), and screening requirements (§27-231).

Urban Agriculture

The city's zoning ordinance addresses urban agriculture. It defines community gardens as an agricultural use (§27-116).

It establishes supplemental use regulations for community gardens (§27-135). Standards address the placement and size of structures and restrict on-site sales to those districts where retail sales are permitted, or when authorized as a temporary use.

Community gardens are permitted by right in all districts (§27-57, §27-72).

No parking spaces are required for this use (§27-202).

Dunwoody, GA

2010 Population: 46,267

2010 Population Density: 3,574.12/square mile