Coconino County, AZ, Zoning Ordinance

Updated December 2023

By: Coconino County
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Accessory Dwelling Units

The county’s zoning code permits internal, attached, and detached accessory dwellings by right in all districts that permit single-family residences, subject to use-specific standards (§3.4). These standards address units per lot, unit size, structure type, utilities, building separation, design, and permits and administration.

Outdoor Lighting

The county’s zoning code adheres to dark-sky principles and establishes total limits on lumens per acre for different land uses (§4.3). It divides the county into two lighting zones, based on distance from specific astronomical observatories. Areas within 2.5 miles of these observatories have lower permissible lumens per acre. Standards address lighting classes, total outdoor light output, shielding and effective shielding, light trespass, motion sensing features, time limits, sign lighting, neon building lighting, multi-class lighting, architectural landscaping/lighting, emergency lighting, and lighting standards for specific structures or uses.

Coconino, AZ

2010 Population: 134,421

2010 Population Density: 7.22/square mile