Sandpoint, ID, City Code

Updated December 2018


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Accessory Dwelling Units

The city’s zoning code permits internal, attached, and detached accessory dwelling units (ADUs) by right in multiple residential districts, subject to use-specific standards (§9-4-1-2, §9-4-2-2). These standards address units per lot, compliance with building codes, owner occupancy, location of entrances, parking, unit size, design, setbacks, height, lot coverage, number of bedrooms, limited amnesty for pre-existing illegal ADUs, and enforcement (§9-1-8).

Short-Term Residential Rentals

The city’s zoning code addresses the regulation of short-term residential uses. This use is permitted in all residential and commercial districts subject to licensing requirements (§9-4-1-2, §9-4-2-2).

The licensing requirements are provided in the city’s business and license regulation code (Chapter 3.12). The code establishes the requirement for short term rental permits for two categories of uses: owner-occupied and non-owner occupied short term rentals. Non-owner-occupied short term rentals are limited to a total of 35 units in all residential zones, with exceptions made for multiunit waterfront developments within a certain distance of the downtown core (§3-12-3).

The code addresses permit requirements and processes, including inspections, local representatives, and permit posting (§3-12-4). The code also addresses code violations and enforcement (§3-12-5).

Sandpoint, ID

2010 Population: 7,365

2010 Population Density: 1,849.57/square mile