Durango, CO, Code of Ordinances

Updated April 2019

By: City of Durango Plng Office

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Accessory Dwelling Units

The city's land-use and development code permits one internal, attached, or detached accessory dwelling unit by right in most residential districts (§2-3-2-3). Use-specific standards address owner occupancy, bulk and intensity, maximum floor area, setbacks and heights of buildings with detached ADUs, design standards, parking, usable outdoor area, additional requirements for specific districts, and relationship to other standards.

Marijuana-Related Uses

The city’s licenses and business regulation code permits multiple medical- and recreational-marijuana-related uses, subject to licensing standards (§13.VIII).

It defines three permissible types of “retail marijuana establishments”: “co-located marijuana business,” “retail marijuana store,” and “retail marijuana testing facility.” And it defines three prohibited types of recreational uses: “marijuana social club,” “retail marijuana cultivation facility,” and “retail marijuana products manufacturing facility” (§13-161). It defines two permissible types of “medical marijuana business”: “medical marijuana center” and “medical marijuana testing facility” (§13-202).

Its licensing standards for retail marijuana establishments and medical marijuana businesses address both locational and operational requirements.

The locational standards address enclosure requirements; zoning use permissions; uses per street segment in the CBD; mixed use buildings; separation from schools, additional recovery facilities, residential child care facilities, and parks with playgrounds; previous denials, variances, leasing space to marijuana-related uses, and manufacturing or production (§13-168 & §13-206).

The operational standards address application approval conditions, business licenses, hours of operation, on-premises consumption, age restrictions for patrons and employees, public visibility of activities, management and reporting, odor control, quantity of marijuana, in-person sales, packaging and labeling, and compliance with state laws (§13-170 & §13-208).

Scenic View Protection

The city’s land use and development code establishes a River Corridor Overlay Zone, which include restrictions to protect the river viewshed. It presents objectives and performance standards, which include screening, building and site design, and building setbacks (§4-4-5).

Durango, CO

2010 Population: 16,887

2010 Population Density: 1,701.63/square mile