Hernando County, FL, Code of Ordinances


By: Hernando County Planning Dept


Farmland Protection

The county’s zoning code addresses farmland protection through farm-friendly zoning provisions (Article II, Section 2B). The code exempts lands used solely for farming or forestry from regulations imposed as to zoning permits; certificates of use; or height, yard, or location requirements for agricultural buildings. A 100-foot setback from streets and floodplain regulations still apply.

Marijuana-Related Uses

The county’s zoning code permits medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation facilities by right, subject to use-specific standards (§A.III.5). It’s use-specific standards address zoning district use permissions; operation on public land; and separation from other marijuana-related uses, parks and trails, daycare centers, residential districts, alcohol or drug treatment facilities, publicly owned buildings, halfway houses, group homes, congregate care facilities, and correctional facilities.

The county’s business licensing code defines “medical marijuana cultivation facility” and “medical marijuana dispensary” and includes additional operational standards (§18-165 et seq.). Its operational standards address certificate of use display and transfer, outdoor areas, mobile facilities, vending machines, zoning compliance, age restrictions, hours of operation, home occupations, on-site use or consumption, sale of accessories, alcohol sales and consumption, retail sales at cultivation facilities, outside cultivation, signage, security plans, surveillance, and record keeping.

Hernando, FL

2010 Population: 172,778

2010 Population Density: 365.64/square mile