Leon County, FL, Code of Ordinances

Updated October 2020

By: Leon County & City of Tallahassee


Table of Contents

Active Transportation

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Urban Agriculture


active transportation

The county’s land development code uses both use restrictions as well as performance standards to encourage a pedestrian-oriented district (§10-6.651). Specifically, this code looks to redevelop, or retrofit, areas from automobile-oriented “strip” development to higher-density pedestrian areas. The regulations are use-exclusionary, and include off-street parking, street-side transparency, and dimensional standards. The code is also illustrated to encourage a form that satisfies these requirements.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

The county’s code of ordinances describes standards and requirements for a low-impact development (LID) credit system that encourages several types of tactics. It identifies minimum standards for six categories including shallow retention areas, natural area on residential lots, pervious pavement, green roofs, resource efficient landscapes, and stormwater reuse (§10-4.308.d). The code of ordinances lists tactics including pervious pavement, rain gardens, rain barrels, and vegetated swales.

Urban Agriculture

The county's land development code addresses urban agriculture. It was amended in 2009 and 2012 to address community gardens, which may be established on county-owned properties (§10-6.816). Specific standards address size limitations, environmental permit requirements for sites greater than one-half acre, noise and hours limitations, maintenance responsibilities, chemical applications, locational signage, and on-site sales of produce (prohibited). The code also defines the term "community garden" (§10-1.101).

Leon, FL

2010 Population: 275,487

2010 Population Density: 413.12/square mile