Marysville, WA, Municipal Code

Updated June 2021

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active transportation

The city’s zoning code designates mixed use districts that take on the characteristics of a larger central business district, i.e. pedestrian- and transit-oriented high-density employment uses together with limited complementary retail and higher density residential development (§22C.040.010).  The code largely concentrates on performance standards in order to encourage denser forms of development (§22C.040.040).

Farmland Protection

The city’s unified development code addresses farmland protection through the establishment of a small farms overlay zone (Chapter 22C.050). The purpose of the small farms overlay is to provide a process for registering small farms to official recognition of the existence of the small farm, provide some encouragement for the preservation of such farms, and encourage good neighbor relations between single-family and adjacent development. The overlay zone establishes small farm protections: all agricultural activities are permitted, machinery and livestock noises are exempt from the city’s noise code, and adjacent subdivisions must provide chain-link fences or other sight-obscuring screening along property lines. Signage must be posted for the overlay, and disclosure requirements are established for real estate transfers and development/building permits inside or within 300 feet of the overlay zone.

Marysville, WA

2010 Population: 60,020

2010 Population Density: 2,902.46/square mile