Davidson, NC, Comprehensive Plan

Adopted August 2010



Table of Contents

Age-Friendly Communities

Food Systems

Housing an Aging Population

Scenic View Protection


Age-Friendly Communities | Housing an Aging Population

The town’s comprehensive plan addresses goals and recommendations to “Promote Cultural, Socioeconomic, and Age Diversity”.  Recommendations include provisions for universal design and aging-in-place responsibilities as part of a town staff position. Information from an Aging in Place Task Force was used to inform plan development; see Aging in Place Task Force Final Report, which includes recommendations for street design, transportation, housing, programs, and facilities.

Food Systems

One of this comprehensive plan's vision statements is to "provide sustainable and healthy choices for transportation, food and energy use." Associated goals address increasing composting as a way to reduce waste (Goal 3), and promoting the production of, access to, and consumption of local foods (Goal 5).

Scenic View Protection

The city’s comprehensive plan provides recommendations to preserve rural landscapes. It identifies scenic viewshed preservation as a natural asset that requires attention, particularly regarding definition and determining priorities. Chapter 3 includes a goal to protect the rural landscape, and provides short-term recommendations and ongoing initiatives to encourage rural viewshed preservations, including using a scenic overlay district, creating design guidelines for the rural planning area, and using cluster and conservation subdivisions to preserve rural areas.

Davidson, NC

2010 Population: 10,944

2010 Population Density: 1,902.97/square mile