Gainesville, FL, Code of Ordinances

Updated May 2022

By: City of Gainesville Plng Dept
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Accessory Dwelling Units

This city’s code allows for one attached and one detached accessory dwelling unit per lot or parcel. Each ADU must comply with the zoning district requirements, including setbacks and building heights. The code provides standards for ADU development, including size and utility requirements (§30-5.37(B)).

Biophilic Planning

This city’s code of ordinances creates a greenway district to preserve natural areas and increase access to nature. It creates the greenway district through building setbacks and developer incentives to contribute to the greenway district (§ 30-8.42).

Green Building

The city’s code of ordinances establishes a green building program that is voluntary for all non-public buildings and mandatory for all public buildings. New residential and non-residential buildings must receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and meet the Florida Water Star Standards by the Florida Home Builders Association; residential buildings must also meet the Green Home Designation Standard of the Florida Green Building Coalition (§6-12). The city’s green building program offers several incentives including expedited permitting, reduced permitting and review fees, and other incentives (§6-13). 

Outdoor Lighting

The city’s land development code addresses outdoor lighting in its section on development standards (§30-6.12). The purpose of the ordinance is in part to protect against adverse lighting impacts and promote energy efficient lighting. It applies to all outdoor lighting uses within the city; exemptions include single- and two-family residential uses and public rights-of-way. General requirements address luminaire design and operation and set light trespass standards. Specific illumination requirements are provided for recreational lighting, nature parks, building entrances and site security, vehicular use areas, parking structures, canopy lighting, and fuel dispensing uses. The ordinance describes requirements for lighting plan submission and review. It also addresses variances and nonconforming lighting.

Shared Mobility

The city’s codified ordinance contains regulations for the operation of micromobility services. Its traffic and motor vehicle code presents definitions, permit requirements for micromobility services and the grounds on which the mobility director may revoke the service permit (Article VII). 

Wildland-Urban Interface

The city’s open and outdoor burning code regulates open burning and outdoor burning practices (§10-60 et seq.). It includes general prohibitions, regulations about agricultural burning, prescribed burning, burning permits, pyrotechnic displays, enforcement and penalties, etc.

Gainesville, FL

2010 Population: 124,354

2010 Population Density: 2,028.45/square mile