Bloomington, IL, Bring It On, Bloomington!

Adopted August 2015

By: McLean County Regl Plng Comm

Table of Contents

Age-Friendly Communities | Housing an Aging Population

This city’s comprehensive plan includes several goals to facilitate the creation of age-friendly communities. H-1.3 addresses the housing needs of multigenerational families and older adults, HL-2.1c and HL-2.1d prioritize recreational programming for older adults, and CWB-3.1 seeks to make service delivery more efficient and user-friendly for all residents.

Comprehensive Planning

This city's comprehensive plan, developed through an 18-month planning process and adopted in 2015, achieved Silver-level recognition in APA's Comprehensive Plan Standards for Sustaining Places Recognition Program Pilot in 2016. It is impressive in its comprehensive scope and thorough analysis and strategies. Plan chapters address Neighborhoods; Education; Economic Development; Arts, Culture and History; Healthy Community; Public Safety; and Infrastructure. Each chapter discusses challenges and opportunities followed by goals, objectives, and actionable items. For each actionable item, the responsible lead agency is identified along with a timeline (short, medium, or long). Partner agencies and performance metrics have been identified for the objectives as well. Throughout the plan, local efforts, best practices, and funding mechanisms are highlighted to provide additional information. The plan also includes a chapter on fiscal impact analysis.

Food Systems

The city's comprehensive plan addresses local food systems as a major focus within its Health Element. One of the element's guiding themes addresses food security and the local food system, and the plan discusses the importance of access to fresh food. It establishes a number of policies, strategies, and metrics to provide access to healthy foods and promote food security (HL-5) that address local food production, processing, and distribution, as well as consumption of locally produced foods by all residents.

Bloomington, IL

2010 Population: 76,610

2010 Population Density: 2,814.78/square mile