Fayetteville, AR, Code of Ordinances

Updated November 2019

By: City of Fayetteville Planning Div

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accessory Dwelling Units

This city’s code allows for the development of a tandem lot for accessory dwelling units in all districts where single family dwellings are permitted. A tandem lot may not be developed behind another tandem lot (§164.25(A)). The code provides requirements for tandem lots, including parking, driveways, setbacks, lot size, and utilities (§164.25(B)).

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

The city’s unified development code includes a chapter on low-impact development (LID) which covers applicability, design strategies, and maintenance. It outlines principles including identifying natural assets, minimizing impervious surfaces, and reducing stormwater runoff (§179.01.B). The unified development code also provides a working definition of LID, considerations addressed by site design strategies, and their function for filtration, infiltration, capture, re-used, and impervious surface reduction (§179.03).

Rethinking Off-Street Parking Requirements

The city’s unified development code includes multiple types of policy-driven off-street parking requirements (§172.05). It exempts all nonresidential uses from minimum off-street parking requirements and includes maximum parking requirements for all uses. It permits parking reductions for residential uses near transit; motorcycle, scooter, or bike parking spaces; and shared parking arrangements.

Fayetteville, AR

2010 Population: 73,580

2010 Population Density: 1,366.39/square mile