Bloomington, IN, Municipal Code

Updated October 2019

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Accessory Dwelling Units

This city’s municipal code allows for accessory dwelling units in all residential districts and some mixed-use districts. The code outlines the standards and requirements for ADUs. There may only be one ADU located on one lot, and they should not contain more than two bedrooms (20.03.030(g)(5)(B)). There are additional requirements based on ADU type.

Green Building

The city’s municipal code establishes a green building program that uses the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification system. It requires all new and existing public buildings, and major renovation to public buildings, be LEED Silver certified (§2.29.030). The city’s green building program also references resources and incentives for private development (§2.29.070).

Bloomington, IN

2010 Population: 80,405

2010 Population Density: 3,472.02/square mile