Saint Paul, MN, Code of Ordinances

Updated November 2019


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Creative Placemaking

The city’s administrative code recognizes the importance of public art in planning and development decisions and identifies methods to incorporate creative placemaking. It establishes a funding source for public art (§12.03) and requires that preparation of plans or major capital investment projects includes a public artist (§12.04).

Historic Preservation

The city’s codified ordinances establish a Heritage Preservation Commission (§73.01-09) and design guidelines for five Heritage Preservation Districts (§74.01-112). The Heritage Preservation Commission has the power to review applications for historic use variance, designation, and permits. Each Heritage Preservation District has an Article that contains a description of the characteristics of property in the district as well as unique design guidelines for new construction and for restoration and rehabilitation. Article I shares design guidelines for specific historic sites.

Student Housing

The city’s codified ordinances include regulations for a student-housing-related district and uses and residential parking permits.

Its zoning code defines and provides use-specific standards for “dormitory,” “fraternity, sorority,” and “roominghouse.”

Its standards for dormitories address discretionary use permits in certain districts, proximity to an associated institution, and setbacks (§65.163).

Its standards for fraternities and sororities address discretionary use permits in certain districts, proximity to an associated campus, permissible structures, and dimensional standards (§65.156).

Its standards for rooming houses address minimum lot area and density calculations in specific districts (§65.158).

All students occupying dwelling units must satisfy the code’s definition of “family” (§60.207).

It establishes a Student Housing Neighborhood Impact Overlay District, which defines “student dwellings,” to mitigate the effects of student rental homes on the residential neighborhoods near the University of St. Thomas campus (§67.700). District standards address separation between student dwellings and parking. It requires landlords to register student dwellings.

The city’s parking code authorizes the city council to establish neighborhood parking permit areas following a resident petition (§164.01 et seq.).

St. Paul, MN

2010 Population: 285,068

2010 Population Density: 5,484.29/square mile