A Food Systems Assessment for Oakland, California: Toward a Sustainable Food Plan

Oakland, CA


Food Systems

This food system assessment from the Oakland Mayor’s Office of Sustainablity and University of California, Berkeley, provides an initial comprehensive evaluation and baseline information on each element of the city's food system, and assesses the potential for increasing local and regional food consumption by residents. It is framed around five proposed goals: food security, urban agriculture and waste reduction, economic development, agricultural preservation, and public education and capacity building. Four chapters examine components of the food system: production, distribution and processing, consumption, and waste recovery. The plan then offers recommended action items for each of the five proposed goals, as well as suggested first steps toward developing a sustainable food plan.

Topic: Food Systems
Taxonomy Master Topics: Food Systems Policy
Format: Knowledgebase Resource
Knowledgebase Resource Categories: Case Study
Community Type: Urban
Population Density: >5,000/square mile
Population Range: 250K+
Jurisdiction: Municipality