Vermont Farm to Plate Strategic Plan


By: Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund
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Food Systems

This 10-year strategic plan, the most comprehensive statewide food system plan in the country, focuses on increasing economic development in Vermont's food and farm sectors, creating jobs in the farm and food economy, and improving access to healthy local foods. It encompasses all types and scales of agricultural-related production and processing, and encourages policies and strategic investments that accelerate the movement toward strong local and regional food systems. The plan thoroughly explores the 7 food system elements—consumer demand, farm inputs, food production, food processing, wholesale distribution, retail distribution, and nutrient management—and presents 25 goals that address all aspects of the local food system. Finally the plan offers an extensive list of high-priority objectives and strategies to meet those goals, including specific action steps and deliverables for implementation. The plan's Executive Summary provides a succinct yet comprehensive overview of the plan components.