Rapid City, SD, Code of Ordinances

Updated December 2019

By: City of Rapid City

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Table of Contents

Accessory Dwelling Units

The city's zoning code permits internal, attached, and detached accessory dwelling units by right in most zoning districts that permit single-family homes (§17.250.219). Use-specific standards address purpose and intent; definitions; zoning districts; number of units; location; area regulations; dwelling unit occupancy; addresses; parking; living areas; city codes; short term rentals; design of large units; existing units; registration; and home occupations.

Small Wireless Facilities and Wireless Facilities in the ROW

The city's zoning ordinance defines "microcell wireless communication facilities" (§17.04.483) and "microcell wireless communication antenna" (§17.04.484). The code provides locational, design, and safety standards for these facilities on existing buildings and on poles (§17.50.400).

Wind Energy

The city’s zoning code allows horizontal and vertical axis small wind energy conversion systems (WECS) with a discretionary use permit, subject to use-specific standards (§§17.50.215 & 17.50.217).

It allows WECS in certain districts as accessory uses. Height standards differ between horizontal WECS (§17.50.215.E) and vertical axis WECS (§17.50.217.E). It includes interconnection, setback, rotor size, noise, access, lighting, design, construction, and abandonment standards (§§17.50.215 & 17.50.217).

Rapid City, SD

2010 Population: 67,956

2010 Population Density: 1,226.49/square mile