Chattanooga, TN, Code of Ordinances

Updated October 2020

By: City of Chattanooga

Table of Contents

Complete Streets

The city’s streets and sidewalks code establishes a commitment to complete streets (§32-340 et seq.). Provisions address definition of complete streets, complete streets policy, scope of complete streets applicability, exceptions, design standards, performance measures, and implementation and reporting.

Innovation Districts

The city’s business code defines an innovation district and establishes an innovation district business economic development incentive grants, which aid businesses located in the city’s innovation district (§11-477 et seq.). Grants are administered by the Industrial Development Board to qualified businesses. Small businesses are encouraged to create full time positions with a $250 award per new full time hire at the innovation district project site.

Urban Agriculture

The city's zoning code addresses urban agriculture. It establishes the A-1 Urban Agricultural zone to provide the opportunity for agricultural land and related uses within the city limits (§38-451 et seq.). Standards allow agricultural activities and provide minimum areas and standards for livestock raising, farmstands, and signage. This district also allows for PUDs that set land aside for agricultural uses.

Chattanooga, TN

2010 Population: 167,674

2010 Population Density: 1,222.54/square mile