Seeding the City: Land Use Policies to Promote Urban Agriculture

Updated October 2020

By: Amy Ackerman, ChangeLab Solutions, Heather Wooten

Urban Agriculture

This guide from ChangeLab Solutions offers a framework for developing urban agriculture land use policy and preserving urban agriculture. It addresses the intersection of various federal, state, and local laws with urban agriculture, and offers model comprehensive plan language and zoning ordinance provisions for urban agriculture.

Urban Livestock

This guide from ChangeLab Solutions offers a framework and model language for urban agriculture land-use policies that communities can tailor to their particular context and needs. The report explores five key questions for cities to consider when creating effective land-use policies, examines additional tools and strategies for support urban agriculture in urban areas, and summarizes laws other than land-use regulations that can affect urban agriculture. The report offers model comprehensive plan and zoning language for urban agriculture and includes a section on urban animal-keeping with model regulatory language for bees and chickens.