Alachua County, FL, County Code

Alachua County, FL

Urban Livestock

The county's Unified Land Development Code addresses the noncommercial raising of poultry or livestock on parcels less than five acres (§404.13). It establishes permitted numbers of and general standards for keeping equines, cattle, goats and sheep, and hogs on agricultural-rural residential parcels of less than five acres; permits the keeping of up to six chickens as an accessory use to any single-family residence subject to prohibitions and enclosure and setback standards; and permits the keeping of Vietnamese potbellied pigs in certain residential districts, subject to standards.

Topic: Food Systems
Taxonomy Master Topics: Food Systems Policy
Community Type: Suburban
Format: Knowledgebase Resource
Knowledgebase Resource Categories: Regulation
Jurisdiction: County
Population Density: <1,000/square mile
Population Range: 100K to 250K