Baton Rouge, LA, Code of Ordinances

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Urban Livestock

The city code's public health title was amended in 1992 to address beekeeping (§6:660 et seq.). The ordinance addresses hive registration, hive type, fencing of flyways, setbacks from dwellings, water, general maintenance, queens, colony density, marking hives, inspection, and compliance. It establishes a limit of 2 colonies for tracts less than ¼ acre, up to 8 colonies for 1 acre or larger tracts, but sets no limits when hives are located at least 200' feet from all property lines and developed property.

The city's animal control title was amended in 2012 to address chicken-keeping (§14:224). Residential subdivision lots of less than 1 acre are restricted to 3 chickens; roosters and other fowl are prohibited on lots of 2 acres of less. The code provides standards for enclosures and sanitation.

Population Range: 100K to 250K
Population Density: 1,000-2,999/square mile
Community Type: Suburban
Topic: Food Systems
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