Columbia, MO, Code of Ordinances


By: City of Columbia
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Accessory Dwelling Units

This city’s code allows for accessory dwelling units in some residential districts. The code describes the requirements and standards for accessory dwelling units (§29-3.3(gg)), including setback requirements, size requirements, and parking requirements. The construction of an accessory dwelling unit requires a building permit (§29-3.3(gg)).

Residential Infill Development

The city’s unified development code establishes Urban Conservation overlay districts to protect established neighborhoods and centers from incompatible infill (§29-2.3) related to residential development. Development standards address setbacks, spacing, height, parking, total floor area used for home occupations, and design elements such as porches, roofs, and windows.

Scenic View Protection

The city’s unified development code uses overlay zoning districts to protect and enhance scenic roadways. Sites within designated scenic roadway overlay districts are subject to site development regulations, including vegetative buffers and driveway spacing (§29-2.3(b)). Additionally, it includes provisions related to public involvement processes, routine maintenance, and alterations and improvements to designated scenic roadway areas.

Food Systems | Urban Livestock

The city amended its animal code in 2010 to address the keeping of urban chickens (Article 5.5). It permits 6 female chickens per tract of land for noncommercial uses only. Standards address enclosure design, materials, sanitation, location, and setbacks, as well as odor and noise impacts, predators and vermin, and waste storage and removal.

Columbia, MO

2010 Population: 108,500

2010 Population Density: 1,720.12/square mile