Creating a Legal Framework for Urban Agriculture: Lessons from Flint, Michigan

Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 1(2): 91–104, 2010

By: Deirdra Stockmann, Megan Masson-Minock, Thomas A. Lyson Center for Civic Agriculture and Food Systems

Urban Agriculture

This article offers a detailed case study of changes to land development codes to allow for urban agriculture in Flint, Michigan. It highlights how the legal framework in Flint discouraged efforts to expand the scope of community gardening and how local nongovernmental organizations intervened, opening a vibrant public dialogue about urban agriculture. The article discusses the importance of public input and education in efforts to amend city policies to support a range of urban agricultural activities, outlines the strategies used in Flint, and identifies some of the challenges that arose in this process.

Flint, MI

2010 Population: 102,434

2010 Population Density: 3,065.42/square mile