Municipal Zoning for Local Foods in Iowa: A Guidebook for Reducing Local Regulatory Barriers to Local Foods


By: Andrea Vaage, Gary Taylor, Iowa State University Extension

Urban Agriculture

This guidebook focuses on the intersection of local foods and municipal zoning. It is written to provide Iowa city officials information and sample code language for reducing the barriers to and encouraging some of the most common production and sales activities associated with urban agriculture. It covers "animal" agriculture (hydroponics/aquaculture, bees, chickens, goats), crop agriculture (community gardens, urban farms, vacant lot farming, front-yard gardening, and season extension), compost, urban agriculture districts, direct-to-consumer sales (CSA drop-off sites, farm stands, farmers markets), and food trucks and pushcarts. For each topic, the report describes the activity, discusses associated land-use concerns, summarizes existing regulations, and offers best-practice sample code language.

A link to an archived webinar about the guidebook and additional food systems planning resources is available on the project website.