Nashville-Davidson County, TN, Nashville Next Comprehensive Plan

Adopted June 2015

By: Nashville & Davidson Cnty MPC
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Table of Contents

Affordable Housing Programs

This consolidated city-county’s comprehensive plan contains a Housing element that calls for a more diverse supply of housing to improve accessibility and affordability. It explains that the current housing supply does not meet the demand and lays out a four-pronged approach to make the city’s housing market more equitable: fund it, build it, preserve it, and retain it.

Built Environment and Health

The city and county’s comprehensive plan contains an element called Health, Livability & the Built Environment. It identifies three priority issues:

  1. Advance Health Equity
  2. Support Mental and Emotional Health
  3. Maximize Built Environment to Improve Health

Goals and Policies are listed near the end of the chapter, while Actions are included in Volume IV.

Complete Streets

The consolidated city’s comprehensive plan includes a strategy for creating complete streets. The plan’s Transportation element is rooted in complete streets principles. It emphasizes complete trips and green streets.

Creative Placemaking

The county's comprehensive plan uses creative placemaking to support connections between communities, artists, and places. The Arts, Culture, and Creativity element of the comprehensive plan includes goals to increase access to art for all residents, support economic development and arts education, and promote vibrant cultural neighborhoods and districts.

Residential Infill Development

The county's comprehensive plan includes a land use element and a housing element which both address residential infill development. The Land Use element prioritizes infill and densification along transit and multimodal corridors (LUTI 1). The four goals within the Housing element indicate that demand must be met with a range of housing types through context-sensitive development, and eleven policies support these goals.

Nashville-Davidson metropolitan government, TN

2010 Population: 601,222

2010 Population Density: 1,265.39/square mile