Kamloops, BC, Food and Urban Agriculture Plan

Adopted September 2015

By: City of Kamloops, BC


Urban Agriculture

This plan encapsulates the ongoing work that the city does to promote food security and uses a systems approach to show food's importance to the local economy and social and ecological fabric. It looks at all aspects of the local food system but places special emphasis on urban agriculture. This is one of six key component areas for the plan, each with corresponding goals, overarching strategies, and action items that provide policy direction for the city moving forward. A goal to increase sustainable urban and local food production includes strategies and action items supporting community gardens on public and private property as well as edible landscaping and calling for a review and update of the city's zoning and other codes to support urban farming, community gardens, edible landscaping, chicken- and goat-keeping, rooftop gardens, and ag-related home-based businesses.