Urban Agriculture and Food Policy Plan: Growing Good in Las Cruces, NM

June 6, 2016

By: City of Las Cruces Planning Dept


Urban Agriculture

This plan, the first of its kind to be adopted in the state of New Mexico, provides informed recommendations to advance and guide the city’s efforts to support and expand food and agriculture activities within Las Cruces. Recommendations in the plan focus on the local level and what the city can achieve within its jurisdiction together with a range of public, private, and community partners. The plan establishes an urban agriculture and food vision for the city, establishes three main urban agriculture-related goals, and lists a number of objectives and recommendations for each goal, with the main implementing city agency identified for each. The plan also lists evaluation metrics.


Las Cruces, NM

2010 Population: 97,618

2010 Population Density: 1,276.19/square mile