Monroe, OH, Code of Ordinances

Updated January 2020

By: City of Monroe

Table of Contents

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

The city’s code of ordinances encourages incorporating green infrastructure tactics into new subdivisions. It lists several green infrastructure tactics including planter boxes, bioretention swales, and grassy swales and practices to reduce impervious surfaces including designing narrower pavement widths and using permeable pavements (§1208.10.A-2). The code of ordinances also highlights criteria for green infrastructure waivers (§1208.10.B).

Urban Agriculture

The city's zoning code addresses urban agriculture. It permits community gardens as an accessory use in any yard subject to standards in all zoning districts (§1205.1). 

Specific standards address operating rules and administration, contact information, drainage, fences, accessory structures, and retail sales (only produce grown on-site may be sold) (§1205.1.G.5).

Monroe, OH

2010 Population: 12,442

2010 Population Density: 783.85/square mile