Sacramento County, CA, Development Code



Urban Agriculture

The county’s zoning code addresses urban agriculture. It defines a number of urban agriculture-related terms, including agricultural uses (urban), community garden, community stand, compost, crops, incidental agricultural use, market garden, private garden, and urban agricultural stand (§7.3).

Community gardens are a parks and open space use permitted in all districts subject to standards; market gardens are permitted with a minor use permit in all but agricultural districts (Table 3.1). Standards are provided for urban agricultural stands (§3.4.7) and for such stands as temporary uses (§3.10.3.I). Standards for community and market gardens address maintenance, equipment, structures, compost, trash, fencing, parking, hours of use, water efficiency, brownfields, and cultural resources (§3.6.4.B).

The code lists findings for approval of minor use permits for urban agriculture uses (§6.4.2.C.e).

A county website offers additional information and links to permitting information for urban agriculture uses.

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