ARC, GA, The Atlanta Region’s Plan

Updated February 2020

By: Atlanta Regional Commission
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Table of Contents

age-friendly communities

This regional comprehensive plan includes a section on Healthy Livable Communities that discusses the need to become age-friendly. The first goal in this section contains an action item called “Improve Quality of Life at the Neighborhood, City, County and Regional Levels”, that explains how the ARC, also the Area Agency on Aging, is planning for an aging population through support services, senior center programming, and case management.

Autonomous Vehicles

The region’s plan includes a report that explores transportation conditions in Atlanta and discusses how autonomous vehicles can impact these systems. It describes the potential outcomes of automated vehicle technologies. 

Built Environment and Health

This regional comprehensive plan addresses public health on its Healthy Livable Communities page. The action item "Improve Public Health through the Built Environment" discusses safety, active transportation, food systems, and green infrastructure. It shares current work being done to achieve these goals and points towards related plans by the ARC.

Creative Placemaking

The region's comprehensive plan contains an Arts & Culture element that promotes creative placemaking to improve quality of life. It defines policies to support creative placemaking, including identifying cultural resources, encouraging public art integration in infrastructure and public space, and increasing access to cultural assets.

Environmentally Sensitive Areas

The region’s plan identifies resources that are important to the region and require protection. The Regional Resource Plan contains three resource categories: areas of conservation or recreational value, historic and cultural resources, and areas of agricultural and scenic value. Categories are divides into smaller, more specific categories, then the plan assesses value, vulnerability, and management strategies.

Scenario Planning

This comprehensive plan included a scenario development process early in the creation of the plan. This used exploratory planning to aid in the creation of strategies for the Region Plan. The Regional Transportation Plan component utilizes scenario planning within it’s Future chapter.

Atlanta, GA

2010 Population: 420,003

2010 Population Density: 3,154.31/square mile

Barrow, GA

2010 Population: 69,367

2010 Population Density: 432.71/square mile

Bartow, GA

2010 Population: 100,157

2010 Population Density: 217.95/square mile

Carroll, GA

2010 Population: 110,527

2010 Population Density: 221.46/square mile

Cherokee, GA

2010 Population: 214,346

2010 Population Density: 508.32/square mile

Clayton, GA

2010 Population: 259,424

2010 Population Density: 1,832.48/square mile

Cobb, GA

2010 Population: 688,078

2010 Population Density: 2,026.45/square mile

Coweta, GA

2010 Population: 127,317

2010 Population Density: 288.77/square mile

DeKalb, GA

2010 Population: 691,893

2010 Population Density: 2,585.72/square mile

Douglas, GA

2010 Population: 132,403

2010 Population Density: 661.79/square mile

Fayette, GA

2010 Population: 106,567

2010 Population Density: 548.35/square mile

Forsyth, GA

2010 Population: 175,511

2010 Population Density: 783.46/square mile

Fulton, GA

2010 Population: 920,581

2010 Population Density: 1,748.04/square mile

Gwinnett, GA

2010 Population: 805,321

2010 Population Density: 1,871.17/square mile

Hall, GA

2010 Population: 179,684

2010 Population Density: 457.46/square mile

Henry, GA

2010 Population: 203,922

2010 Population Density: 633.05/square mile

Newton, GA

2010 Population: 99,958

2010 Population Density: 367.28/square mile

Paulding, GA

2010 Population: 142,324

2010 Population Density: 455.85/square mile

Rockdale, GA

2010 Population: 85,215

2010 Population Density: 656.55/square mile

Spalding, GA

2010 Population: 64,073

2010 Population Density: 326.12/square mile

Walton, GA

2010 Population: 83,768

2010 Population Density: 257.21/square mile