Yakima River Basin, WA, Integrated Water Resource Management Plan

Adopted 2012

By: Department of Ecology, State of Washington

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Integrated Water Resource Managment

The Yakima River Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan is a forward-thinking plan that addresses current and anticipated future threats to the Basin’s water security, especially during drought years.



Benton, WA

2010 Population: 175,177

2010 Population Density: 103.02/square mile

Kittitas, WA

2010 Population: 40,915

2010 Population Density: 17.81/square mile

Klickitat, WA

2010 Population: 20,318

2010 Population Density: 10.86/square mile


Yakima, WA

2010 Population: 243,231

2010 Population Density: 56.63/square mile