Sustaining Agriculture in Urbanizing Counties: Insights from 15 Coordinated Case Studies

January 16, 2009

By: Anita Zurbrugg, Mark Lapping, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Farmland Protection

This study, published by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, sought to identify conditions under which farming may remain viable in agriculturally important areas that are subject to substantial development pressures. The report examined 15 metro area counties across the U.S. Chapter 3 discusses land-use policies applied in the 15 counties that shaped the supply of farmland and profitability of farming, highlighting successes in seven of the counties studied. Other farmland protection strategies examined include agricultural use-value assessments and right-to-farm protections. The report closes with seven policy recommendations for promoting farmland protection and farm viability in metro areas.

Seven detailed case studies from the 15 counties studied are available on a “Sustaining Farms on the Urban Edge” project page.