Brecknock, PA, Municipal Code

Updated May 2017

By: Brecknock Township, PA
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Farmland Protection

The township’s zoning code addresses farmland protection. It establishes an AG agricultural district for the township’s most productive agricultural areas and is intended to protect those areas by eliminating uses incompatible with farming (§110-18.A). The code also includes lot requirements that limit the subdivision of lots from farms and limits the size of lots created for uses other than agriculture (§110-18.C.1). Per requirement, the minimum lot areas for agricultural uses are 20 acres and maximum lot area for non-farming uses is 2 acres (§110-18.C.2). The code also establishes an A-2 agricultural district for agricultural lands less productive than the Agricultural District.

Brecknock, PA

2010 Population: 7,199

2010 Population Density: 292.08/square mile