West Lampeter, PA, Municipal Code

Updated November 2020

By: West Lampeter Township, PA

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Farmland Protection

The township’s zoning ordinance addresses farmland protection. Within the Agricultural District, the subdivision of lots from and the development of nonagricultural uses and structures on farms are limited, as is the maximum parcel size of lots for nonagricultural uses (§285-35). The code limits the number of new lots that may be subdivided from parent parcels, based on parent parcel size, to limit the development of agricultural tracts and construction of single-family dwellings in the agricultural district. Minimum parcel sizes of 50 acres for agricultural and forestry uses and allowed parcel sizes of 35,000 SF–2 acres for single-family detached dwellings are established. The code provides an agricultural nuisance disclaimer for lands within the agricultural district.

West Lampeter, PA

2010 Population: 15,209

2010 Population Density: 927.66/square mile