Whitman County, WA, Code of Ordinances

Updated April 2021

By: Whitman County, WA

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Farmland Protection 

The county's zoning code addresses farmland protection. In the Agricultural District, for certification and approval of a Rural Residential Use, residential development requires a “development buffer” of 200 feet from property being used for commercial agriculture, or 100 feet if written permission of the farmland owner is obtained (§19.10.060.B.f). An affidavit of acknowledgement of agricultural practices as a deed restriction or easement must be used when rural residential parcels are created, residential building permits are sought, or rural residential properties are conveyed. The code provides a sample Certification of Adjacent Agricultural Use template.

The Cluster Residential District is established to allow for nonfarm rural residential places while protecting the ability of neighboring agricultural producers to continue farming and raising livestock (Chapter 19.12). A Certification of Adjacent Agricultural Use is also required for cluster residential building permits or lot conveyance.

Whitman, WA

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