Sacramento County, CA, General Plan

Adopted 1993, amended 2011 & 2017

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The county’s general plan addresses agricultural tourism in two elements.

In the Agricultural element, a goal focuses on supporting the economic viability of agriculture within the county. An associated Agritourism on Agricultural Lands objective calls for protecting, conserving, and enhancing agribusiness operations within the county and promoting their visibility. The plan notes the need to eliminate current regulatory barriers to agritourism and enhance public awareness through outreach. It establishes three policies of supporting agritourism uses that encourage economic sustainability while promoting primary agricultural uses and remaining compatible with surrounding uses and call for coordination with other organizations to study agritourism opportunities within the county. An implementation measure lays out components for the development of a county agritourism program.

In the Economic Development element, an Agriculture and Agricultural Tourism goal calls for promoting the agritourism economy, with an implementation measure of researching the viability of agricultural tourism opportunities within the county and promoting, expanding, and marketing the county’s agricultural tourism base.

Sacramento, CA

2010 Population: 1,418,788

2010 Population Density: 1,470.79/square mile