Sutter County, CA, General Plan

Adopted March 29, 2011

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The county addresses agritourism in the Agricultural Resources chapter of its general plan. A Visitor Services (Agritourism) goal calls for promoting visitor services and attractions to enhance and support Sutter County’s agricultural industries (Goal AG-5). Associated policies address encouraging promotional and marketing activities that promote county agriculture (AG 5.1), allowing visitor-serving uses in agricultural areas through discretionary permit approval subject to criteria (AG 5.2), collaborating with economic development organizations to support regional agritourism marketing (AG 5.3), supporting appropriate recreational uses on farmlands (AG 5.4), allowing special events in agricultural areas through discretionary permit approval (AG 5.5), and promoting outreach events sponsored by agricultural organizations (AG 5.6).

Sutter, CA

2010 Population: 94,737

2010 Population Density: 157.26/square mile