El Dorado County, CA, Code of Ordinances


By: El Dorado County, CA

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Agritourism | Food Systems

The county’s zoning code addresses agritourism. It defines a number of agritourism-related terms in its glossary (§130.80.020). Specific use regulations are provided for several of these uses. Produce sales are permitted for on-site sales of fresh produce and value-added agricultural products (§130.40.240). Detailed standards are provided for “ranch marketing” uses, including bake shops/food stands, craft sales, campgrounds, lodging, and special events, Including permitting requirements and development standards for different uses (§130.40.260). Wineries are also permitted with the intent of encouraging local economic development through direct sales and marketing of value-added products, in accordance with the general plan; the code provides definitions and provisions and development standards that regulate associated activities, such as special events (§130.40.400).

El Dorado, CA

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