Jefferson County, WA, Municipal Code


By: Jefferson County Cmty Dev
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Agritourism | Food Systems

The county’s unified development code addresses agritourism. The code defines “agritourism” (§18.10.010) and permits it and certain other “small-scale recreation and tourist activities” in agricultural districts subject to performance standards (Table 3-1).

A section of performance and use standards for agricultural activities and accessory uses (§18.20.030) lists a wide range of accessory commercial and retail uses that support, promote, or sustain agricultural operations, including production and sales of value-added products, supplemental sources of on-farm income, and sales of regional agricultural products and experience. Such activities are permitted by right subject to limitations and provisions; such performance standards address processing and packing agricultural products, retail and wholesale farm product sales, classes, and agritourism. Other small-scale recreation and tourist uses (e.g., Ferris wheels, arcades, sporting events) are not permitted by right but may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Jefferson, WA

2010 Population: 29,872

2010 Population Density: 16.56/square mile