Mussey Township, MI, Code of Ordinances


By: Mussey Township, MI
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Agritourism | Food Systems

The township’s zoning ordinance addresses agritourism. It defines a number of agritourism-related terms, including agricultural tourism and agriculturally related products and uses (§153.002).

The agricultural district allows for additional agricultural uses, including marketing and processing value-added agricultural products, cider mills or wineries, direct marketing of farm produce, seasonal u-pick or outdoor mazes. (§153.03.1).

Additional non-agriculturally related accessory uses are permitted with limitations, including value-added agricultural products or activities, bakeries, playgrounds, petting farms, nature trails, classes, and gift shops. Additional uses, such as farm bed and breakfasts, larger direct marketing facilities, restaurants, and special events, are designated as special land uses and require site plan approval (§153.032). The code also addresses parking requirements for agricultural tourism and seasonal agriculturally related uses (§153.169.C).

Mussey, MI

2010 Population: 4,206

2010 Population Density: 117.89/square mile