Bloomington, MN, A Plan for Creative Placemaking in the South Loop

Adopted July 2015

By: City of Bloomington Plng Comm
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Creative Placemaking

This subarea plan contains background information on the creative placemaking process in Bloomington and a more traditional plan component that highlights how creative placemaking can strengthen the area. This city aims to use creative placemaking to attract creative people and to support redevelopment of the South Loop. It includes examples of creative placemaking demonstrations, successes stemming from creative placemaking activities, and lessons learned during the planning process. Appendices provide further information on public engagement opportunities used during this process, case study examples, and a summary of indicators that can be used to evaluate projects. 

Bloomington, MN

2010 Population: 82,893

2010 Population Density: 2,390.09/square mile