Beaufort, SC, The Beaufort Code

Updated July 2018

By: City of Beaufort
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Accessory Dwelling Units

The city's zoning code permits one internal or attached  and two detached accessory dwelling units (ADUs) by right in most zoning districts (§3.11.2). Use-specific standards address infrastructure, placement, frontage type, maximum bedrooms, unit size, compatibility with primary structure, parking, and timing (§4.5.3).

Internal and attached ADUs also address minimum and maximum unit size (§3.11.2.D).

The city's planning code authorizes reimbursement of property taxes associated with a new ADU for up to three years (§5-2026).

Form-Based Zoning

The city’s zoning code includes mapped mandatory form-based districts (§§2.3.1 -2.3.2). It includes six transect zones (districts) all with different permissible land uses, form standards, building frontage types, façade design standards, parking standards, and landscaping standards.

Beaufort, SC

2010 Population: 12,361

2010 Population Density: 447.86/square mile