The Key to Unlocking the Power of Small Scale Renewable Energy: Local Land Use Regulations

Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law, 27(2): 339-367, 2012

By: Florida State University, Patricia Salkin
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Solar Energy | Wind Energy

This article discusses methods to support small-scale wind and solar projects through local land use regulations. It discusses multiple methods for implementing supportive local policies including: in comprehensive planning, zoning, site plan review, subdivision requirements, planned unit developments, and renewable energy protection laws.

Zoning considerations for small-scale renewables include whether to permit them by right or as a discretionary use (p.354). It discusses setback and height limitations, visual impact assessments, and accessory uses regulations.

It also provides an overview of state and federal incentives – financial and permitting incentives, renewable portfolio standards, net metering, feed-in tariffs, and property assessed clean energy financing.