Quantifying the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: A Guide for State and Local Governments

Revised July 2018

By: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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Solar Energy | Wind Energy

This guide provides governments and policymakers an analytical framework, various tools, and case studies to quantify benefits from energy efficiency and renewable energy. It includes significant discussion of the environmental, direct and indirect economic, and electricity grid benefits of solar and wind energy. This guide is useful for evaluating policy and program alternatives.

The primary framework structure follows (p.1-4):

  1. Determine Scope of and Strategy for the Analysis
  2. Determine Direct Electricity Impacts
  3. Quantify the Multiple Benefits from Direct Electricity Impacts
    1. Electricity System Benefits (Chapter 3)
    2. Emissions and Health Benefits (Chapter 4)
    3. Economic Benefits (Chapter 5)
  4. Use Benefits Information to Support Informed Decision-Making