Guide to Equitable, Community-Driven Climate Preparedness Planning

May 2017

By: Eric Yurkovich, Tina Yuen, Urban Sustainability Directors Network
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Table of Contents

Climate Change

This guide presents information to help local governments design and implement a more inclusive and equitable climate planning process. Section 3 provides a framework with steps that include project initiation, data collection and analysis, visioning and alternatives, plan development, implementation, and monitoring and review. And section 4 presents climate resilience planning solutions to address climate hazards, extreme heat, flooding, air quality, and other issues.

Social Equity

This guide supports cities that seek to address social inequities in their climate preparedness planning process. It discusses the role of government in perpetuating social inequities, sets out a framework for community-driven climate preparedness planning, and identifies equitable climate resilience solutions. Table 8 summarizes these solutions and points to cities that have successfully implemented these strategies.