St. Paul, MN, Saint Paul for All

Approved March 2019

By: City of St. Paul
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Table of Contents

Historic Preservation

The city’s comprehensive plan features a chapter on heritage and cultural preservation. Five goals emphasize the desire for the city to be a leader in equitable preservation practices, to promote placemaking, to integrate historic preservation in all local decision making, to invest more in preservation, and to improve understanding of tools and resources. Appendix A shares maps of the city’s historic districts and sites.

Social Equity

The city’s comprehensive plan lists Equity first among its challenges and opportunities for the future, Livability, equity and sustainability as its first theme and priority, and Equity and Opportunity as its first core value. Figure LU-1 summarizes the goals and related policies for the land use chapter, of which goals 3 and 6 are most relevant. Equity is also addressed in Goal 5 of the Transportation chapter, Goal 1 of the Parks, Recreation and Open Space chapter, Goal 3 of the Housing chapter, and Goal 1 of the Heritage and Cultural Preservation chapter. The plan also discusses how the Metropolitan Council’s “Statement on Equity” works to combat racially concentrated poverty in the city.

St. Paul, MN

2010 Population: 285,068

2010 Population Density: 5,484.29/square mile