Boston, MA, Imagine Boston 2030

Adopted July 2017

By: City of Boston

Table of Contents

Affordable Housing Programs

The city’s comprehensive plan addresses housing affordability in the Context, Taking Action, and Initiatives sections. The Context section points out the need for more affordable housing in Boston and the Taking Action section calls for transit-accessible, mixed-use housing as part of the Expand Neighborhoods goal. The Initiatives section lays out a plan for developing and preserving affordable and middle-income housing and discusses the city’s antidisplacement approach.

Social Equity

The city’s comprehensive plan lays out the local context of inequality by race, gender, and neighborhood. It outlines a resilience and racial equity lens to be used for development along the Fairmount Corridor and an antidisplacement approach to preserve economic diversity across the city. It also highlights efforts to address equity in the Education, Economy, and Technology chapters.

Boston, MA

2010 Population: 617,594

2010 Population Density: 12,792.72/square mile