Memphis, TN, Memphis 3.0

Adopted December 2019

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Autonomous Vehicles

The city's comprehensive plan contains objectives and actions that address connected and autonomous vehicles in its High Performance Infrastructure goal. Goal 4 actions include prioritizing transit, shared mobility, and environmental sustainability in the deployment of autonomous transportation (Action 4.4.10) and initiating secured testing of autonomous shuttles in selected areas or related to special events (Action 4.4.12).

Climate Change

The city’s comprehensive plan addresses climate change impacts in its Sustainable and Resilient Communities goal. It includes objectives and actions to reduce the impacts of climate change by improving the city’s capacity to protect communities, addressing health and environmental systems, prioritizing energy efficiency and renewable energy, and expanding the use and protection of natural landscapes and green infrastructure.

Memphis, TN

2010 Population: 646,889

2010 Population Density: 2,053.26/square mile